My Veg Story

Photo by Sommai

Photo by Sommai

People become vegetarians for various reasons. Some have a concern for animals and their humane treatment, others desire a more healthy diet and lifestyle, many are looking to control their weight, and others have a medical need. My reason was, at first, medical. I had suffered with digestive issues for quite sometime but recently developed acute abdominal pain after meals. This pain had grown so intense that the most I could manage was to lie down.  After testing by my doctor offered no insight as I was deemed fine, I became my own advocate. Several diets (dairy free, gluten free, etc.) were suggested by my doctor, none yielding any relief.

As I surfed the Internet late in December of 2009, I stumbled upon a vegetarian forum where someone was asking for help with symptoms virtually identical to mine. As I read the numerous responses–I had tried all of them with no success–I saw that this person found no reprieve with these solutions either. As I reached the end of the thread, someone ask if they had tried omitting meat from their diet. They had not, and neither had I.

The next few posts were from the seeker of a cure,  they had omitted all forms of meat from their diet and, in less than a week, was stomach pain  and a few pounds lighter.

It was two days before New Year’s Day and I made my resolution then: as of January 1, 2010, I would give a vegetarian diet a month’s trial. It did not take a month, not even a week. By the end of the second day my stomach ache was gone.

Photo by Grant Cochrane

Photo by Grant Cochrane

As I have journeyed along my veggie path I have met with challenges, discoveries, and a wealth of knowledge, not only about the role food plays as nutrition but also the role it plays in our society and socialization with others.  I learned to expand  my view of food and the role it plays in the lives of everyone–carnivore and herbivore alike.

If I were to be “cured” today, I wouldn’t return to eating meat. My awareness of the interdependent roles all living things play in the grand scheme of things has given me a different view of food, farming, and the associated industries. I eat as close to natural whenever possible. My point is this: Today I choose to be a vegetarian.

What I want to accomplish with this blog is to offer information. Not just a series of recipes, but a continually growing body of information that can be used by you as you journey through life meatless, healthy, and happy…




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  1. A Swirl Girl says:

    Hi Elle,

    What a compelling story! I’ve been dibbling and dabbling in the vegetarian lifestyle for years. I’m intensely interested in the vegetarian lifestyle so I’m looking forward to the information you will provide. Keep it coming!

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