NASA Called, Your Diet Is Orbiting Pluto


Photo by Cochran

You know the feeling.

You stare down at the scale, you’re not actually ON the scale, just an omnipotent observer, and all the foods you shouldn’t have eaten come magically into your field of vision.

That second piece of pie, cherry is one of my all time favorites. Just a tad bit of ice cream with that cookie. No, that isn’t far too large a serving¬†of ¬†cheddar, garlic mashed potatoes.

We’ve all done it. I’ve been doing it since Thanksgiving and it has caught up to me.

And while I’m taking a confessions cruise, I’m a ‘weigher’ as well. Oh you say you don’t know what a ‘weigher’ is? Fortunate soul. A ‘weigher’ is someone who checks their weight on a regular basis to keep track of it. I weigh myself about twice a week. I’m not obsessive about it, I just find it’s much easier to lose a few pounds rather than 20.

Many people gain weight over the holidays and resolve to lose it once the New Year arrives. For me, the scale begins to move upward at about 3 pm on All Hallow’s Eve and doesn’t quit until the ball drops at midnight on New Year’s Eve. And while I may have a few pounds to lose come January 1, it’s never as much as it would have been had I not decided to be proactive about how much ‘merry making’ was going from my mouth to my stomach to my hips.

And now as we enter the lovely month of March, have you lost that holiday fat? If the answer is no, maybe you live in Louisiana and co-workers kept bringing king cakes to work, Mardi Gras is as bad for a diet as the holidays. Or maybe a few weeks into the year you over indulged a few times and decided that you had blown it and that was that. Whatever the reason for not reaching your weight lose goal let me introduce you to my school of thought.

You need not wait for the new year, Monday, the first of the upcoming month, the day after your cousin’s wedding, or some other arbitrary day that allows you to put off what you subconsciously view as eminent failure. I cannot count, ok, I don’t want to count, the times I have blown my diet so far off course that NASA called to say that it was spotted resting percariously on Saturn’s rings. And while I will always have to mindful of my eating and the calories I consume each day, as well as daily exercise, I know I’ll fall short from time to time. That isn’t what counts, what counts is that when I finish that velvety bowl of chocolate ice cream, I don’t berate myself or think how aweful I am as a person, no. I wait for NASA to call, again, and then I remember that it isn’t how many times you fall down, it’s how many times you get up. The morning brings all the promise of a new day, a new you, a new way of thinking and with it a new opportunity to succeed.

So are you ready to succeed? As long as you are willing to not give up, to just start again when you ‘fall off the horse’ you’re altrady far more successful than the person who kept putting their diet and exercise program off until next Monday, next month, or whenever. Just by making a continuous effort, you’ve already succeeded.

Bon appetite,