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Sandy Giles


I reside in the heart of a culinary paradise, Southwest Louisiana. My love of family, friends, food, and life were instilled in me from birth, continually effecting every facet of my life. To lead a happy and rewarding life, while helping others achieve the same goal, has lead me to continue learning and sharing my knowledge.

I earned my B. A. at the University of Louisiana, have two adult children who have inspired me to always question my approach to life and to keep an open mind. My fiancé, Aaron, is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement; as well as an avid taste tester for new recipes.

I believe being anything–a vegetarian, musician, artist, gardener–is a journey to be  made over the course of your lifetime. The aim is not to arrive, but to enjoy all the places your journey leads as you travel, to learn something from everyone you meet along the way, and share what you’ve learned.

This journey is not always an easy one and has sometimes left me feeling a bit outside the norms of socializing, as much socializing is done around food. As I grew and became comfortable with who I am and my choices, I found that I no longer needed to rely on old habits.  I am happy and comfortable with who I have become and celebrate in that knowledge.

I have introduced people to vegetarian cooking, eating, and preparation through the parish library system by way of education and demonstration.

I am an adjunct professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. My classes are designed to educate those who want to learn about the vegetarian lifestyle and offer tasty, alternatives that are both delicious and nutritious.

Knowledge is priceless when shared, worthless when hoarded.


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