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Saving Dinner the Vegetarian Way

Healthy Menus, Recipes, and Shopping Lists to Keep Everyone Happy at the Table

Written By Leanne Ely


For a while I was a freelance writer for a local monthly magazine. I wrote informational articles, personality pieces, and articles that focused on different happenings in the community. The magazine featured a monthly page that always reviewed several books and I enjoyed reading about the new books that were out. Strangely, never in the more than three years that I have written this blog have I ever considered writing a review about any of the books that I use for inspiration, to cook meals for myself and those I love, or those I consult as reference sources. But I decided when I looked back at 2016 that 2017 would be a year of new things, a new me. In keeping with that promise to myself here is Elle’s first ever book review.

To be fair to both the author, Leanne Ely, and you, my dear readers, I reviewed a book that I am all to familiar with. This book was gift from my wonderful mother some years ago. She had been to the bookstore and spied it in the cookbook section.  As I had recently began working full time she thought the layout would be very helpful to a relatively new vegetarian and working mom. She was right.  If you were to pull this book from my pantry shelf and thumb through it, you would see the remains of a  disaster: splatters from a long forgotten mess that I gently wiped from the page, the recipes that, if you stand the book on its spine, it readily falls open to, and the notes here and there to remind me of changes I made to suit my taste for either a bit more spice or to change something I didn’t care for (I am not a fan of eggplant).

This is one of my favorite cookbooks for several reasons. Leanne has arranged the recipes according to season, so if it’s winter time, you can go to that section and all the recipes are designed around what’s in season. There is a grocery list for the WEEK! This part is awesome if you have a family, no need to write up a list or worry that you forgot something, just go through the list for the week, see what you already have on hand and make a list of what you need from the master weekly list. She includes time saving tips too,  like if you should make something the night before for the following night’s meal.  Side suggestions are given for each dish and all the nutritional information you need is listed at the bottom of each recipe.  The recipe directions are easy to follow, even the most inexperienced cooks can make these recipes, nothing complicated.

Best of all? I haven’t had one dish from this book that I didn’t like, and I’ve made almost all of them. I have many, some may say too many, cookbooks and there are only a handful that I can say that I really like the majority of recipes that I’ve made from them. There were a few times that I was reluctant to try a new dish as the flavors seemed to be a strange combination to me, especially when I was new to vegetarian eating, but Leanne never disappoints-time and again, dinner is wonderful! And best of all? The leftovers are just as good.

If you’re interested in purchasing this book it’s on Amazon.

Bon Appetit,